Catillion 2012

Razuli wantz to Fank all teh wunnerful Cheezpeepz Fur Partizipaytin' n teh Furst Anyool Cattllion an makin itz so mush fun! Fankeez fur all teh joy an waffs u shayrd. U iz ALL teh bestus!

Still not fully recovrd frum da Cattillion

Deez 2 got mawwied last nite! Dey honeymooning today on Catalina Island fowowing da Catillionz.

Sum party-goers could not eben stay wakes long enuf to eat dere bweakfasts. But is waz soooo worf it!

Deez guys bwoke da wules for the Fwitz more than 10 in a bed. But dey fink it be owberlookd dis time cause party was so gweat.

Sum Catillionz-goers had to share wooms as dey runz out of spots but was okai! Deez ones liked it lots.

Cattillion 2012: Can't stop the music!

Morning after the Catillion: not always pretty

LilBit still can't beleeb sheh waz wun ob da Queenz!

Afta da bawl!

TIMIDTHA is still trying to realize she was one of the CATTILLION QUEENS!

Cattillion Aftershocks Still Being Felt By Some...

Razuli goes back to normal life!

He Could Have Been a (Cattillion) Contender...

Sum peobles slepd rite fru check owt time, so dey wilz be payin for anudder nite!

Sum peobles who did not go to Catillionz nau seez da bideoes of da fun dat was had and wegrets deir choices. Dey wil go nex year fur sures.

excitement builds for teh Cattillion

Miss Lola Mae LaRue breaks out her best gown for the festivities

Catillion 2012: All systems go!

My stylist, Bret, is on his way ober to gib me prevuwe of hair and makedup for Catillion. I wiwl luk bedder than Foofany for sure!

I haz a sads dat I cannot go to Catillion and dance wif Foofany, but want her to has dis flower anywayz.


Pollyme, we'ze goan haf to stwech dat limo jus a lil' befor U heds fur teh Cattllion...

When he found owt he could not dance with Foofany at Catillion, Adam was mad.

Her name is Nurse Ratched

Cattillion Atendeez: Pweez Joyn Uz Diz Caturday Fur Cattails In teh Fritz Lownj at 6:00 pm, An Muzik By Cattan an Toenell.

Catillion Decorashun Committeh

I ben lookin thru dees boox for a outfit idea, but I still don know yet wat I iz gonna ware to da Cattillion! Yikes!

Hao r mah dance moovz? Excited for teh Cattillion Ball!

gosh! id LUB to go wif miss Honey. she BOOTifull!